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ORACLE 19 - This is the productive version. The testversion is available under https://www-oracle.gsi.de/pls/cdbtest



You are at the starting point for using the Component Database (CDB). From here you can also access the Cable Planning Database.

Full use of the applications requires a login. This is the GSI Weblogin (Explanation of the GSI Weblogin and application for an account). In your application for a Weblogin account please mention that your account must be added to the group GSI_CDB_User.

All applications are accessible via the tabs on the right.

After logging in you find two buttons in the top right corner:
Via the link "Feedback" you can send requests, bugs or general remarks to the CDB trouble ticket system.
Via the link "Help" you can open or download several user manuals. Reading at least the basic manuals before using the CDB is highly recommended.

A click on the above FAIR@GSI logo on the left will always bring you back to the starting point.


All changes can be inspected under the Tab: Changelog.
Here are the last changes (since 01.11.2020):

- SID (Functional Locations) / Geo Coordinates
- PowerData/HeatLoad Group Balance
- Maintenance of FSB Change Requests
- Split of ConnectionType in Relations: Cable -> Supplying / Monitoring ( used for Energy Balance of connected components)
- Automatic email-notifications to GAPs of changed obligatory TGA-Parameter
- History of Power Data / Heat Load since 01.01.2021 ( column-wise )
- Maintenance of Room- and Rack-Inconsistencies in the CDB and CableDB
- Maintenance of AID
- Maintenance of Compressed Air Data
- Rename of Connection Types in Relations

- Introduction of Cable Type in LV (LeistungsVerzeichnis)
- Unification of CableEntries with quantity > 1 to CableEntries with quantity = 1 ( each Cable becomes its own CableId )
- Component - Cable Room Inconsistencies with Ignore Flag/Remark